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    If your looking for a unique roof for your home tile roofs are the way to go.

  • Tile Roofing in the Ark-La-Tex

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    When you install a tile roof on your home, it will absolutely transform the look of your home - and when you use the right materials and install it properly, you will have a durable, sturdy and long-lasting roof that you may never need to replace.

    The Complete Guide to Tile Roofs

    The benefits of tile roofing over traditional asphalt roofs include their reliability and long lifespan, as well as their unmistakable aesthetics. You can use this guide to help you determine whether a tile roof is right for your home in the Texarkana area. In addition, you can call our office with any roofing questions; we can provide all the information you need, along with a customized quote.


    Types of Tile Roofing Materials Used in Texarkana-Area Homes

    In hot weather, tile roofing offers exceptional performance, and it is resistant to UV rays as it protects you from the sun. Common types of tile roofs include:

    • Clay
    • Concrete
    • Slate
    • Metal
    • Composite
    • Synthetics


    Here’s a closer look at each.


    Clay Roof Tiles

    Although clay roof tiles are not typically handcrafted like they used to be in the past, the final result is still spectacular. They're one of the oldest roofing materials on the market. It is important to have professionals who have experience installing heavy tiles on a roof if you are considering these materials.


    Concrete Roof Tiles

    Tiles made from concrete are heavy and strong, offering exceptional protection to your home. The tiles are easy to keep clean. Due to their weight, these tiles require a reinforced roof structure (just like many clay roofs).


    Slate Roof Tiles

    The weight of slate tiles is similar to the weight of clay and concrete tiles. Despite the fact that they can break with a hard impact, the look they create is unmatched. Slate roofs are environmentally friendly alternatives to most other roof types because they're made from natural slate.


    Metal Roof Tiles

    In addition to being exceptionally lightweight, metal roof tiles offer fantastic weather protection. Metal roof tiles are most commonly made from copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel. The sound generated by these tiles during rainfall may be a bit bothersome to some, while others enjoy it. The only downside to these beautiful tiles is that they are prone to denting. Although they do not provide much insulation, some people prefer their aesthetics to those of other types of tile roofs.


    Composite Roof Tiles

    Compost roof tiles are those made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials. If you're interested in composite roofing, our roofing professionals can discuss the types of composites available to you - many come with manufacturer warranties, custom color options, and more.


    Synthetic Roof Tiles

    A synthetic roof tile is a material that mimics natural materials but is actually made of other things, such as concrete. Other synthetic materials include clay, slate, and even wood. Synthetic roof tiles have the benefit of being lighter and more durable than the materials they mimic, and your Texarkana Roofing Pros consultant can help you decide what will work best for you.


    How Long Does a Tile Roof Last?

    A tile roof can last up to 50 years if it is installed properly and if the right materials are chosen - which is longer than many people own their homes. In Europe and Asia, there are buildings with tile roofs that are hundreds of years old. For example, slate roofing tiles are known to last over a century on American homes, and terracotta tiles in the Southwest are just as durable.
    You will be given a full explanation of all your options and suggestions that are tailored to your home. In addition to the budget, your consultant will discuss the lifespan of the roof you plan to install, how much maintenance will be necessary, and the structural strength of your home (and whether or not it can support tiles made of clay, concrete, or slate).


    How Much Does a Tile Roof Cost?

    A tile roof's price depends on several factors, including the materials you choose, whether you have features such as chimneys, skylights, and solar panels, and how steep your roof's pitch is. Since it's impossible to estimate a cost without seeing your roof and discussing the materials you choose, Texarkana Roofing Pros will send an expert to your home to discuss your options.